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Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. Review: Energy Systems Engineering

Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. has almost three decades track record providing expert consultancy in the fields which require mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services, energy systems design and evaluation, commissioning, testing and balancing services. It has numerous clients who depend on the firm’s capability in energy systems engineering according to the highest standards of international engineering practice. To date, these clients have put their trust on the firm’s excellent delivery of satisfying professional services.


Energy-systems engineering involves, ordinarily, an initial evaluation of an operating or conceptual mechanical and electrical system in general to source out alternative sources of energy most suitable for an owner’s project use. The common process utilized to achieve this goal is modeling – a procedure which ends in determining the best alternative source or sources of inexpensive or renewable energy. Vital to this procedure is the achievement of energy conservation, making sure that building system components and equipment are analyzed based on its entire life’s projected operating cost requirements. Hence, electrical and mechanical system options and appurtenant sub-systems are considered according to the least possible cost of operation, as well as to the availability of alternative energy sources and costs.


Likewise, electrical engineering systems design requires low to medium voltage power, emergency power generation and distribution, lighting requirements and telecommunication network systems. Efficiency is the primary consideration in any design involving these electrical systems, needless to say. They also demand flexibility and growth for future energy and operational needs. Leach Wallace consulting engineers are well trained and equipped to provide efficient services in electrical engineering -- specifically, in such works as installation of lights and receptacles for an office renovation and in emergency power generation.


Energy comprises an essential component in any enterprise, which can run wild in terms of costs if not properly evaluated beforehand. Seeking these alternatives to sources involves vast knowhow and experience in building engineering systems, which Leach Wallace has gained through the years. Without this track record, their trustful clients would be hard put to determine the best possible alternatives toward achieving their goals, particularly in energy needs.

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Leach Wallace Associates Inc Consulting Engineers: Introduction



The firm was established in 1990 with the purpose of providing comprehensive mechanical, electrical, and energy systems engineering design services for institutional, commercial, industrial and governmental clients. Leach Wallace’s focus and expertise for mechanical and electrical system design includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection, electrical power distribution, lighting, and communications systems.


Leach Wallace is experienced in facility master planning, utility infrastructure and the design and evaluation of central heating and cooling plants for such project types as higher educational, healthcare, academic medical, corporate office buildings, industrial facilities commissioning and data centers.

Source: http://www.leachwallace.com/introduction

Leach Wallace Associates Inc Consulting Engineers: Allied Health Science Building, Howard Community College

Howard County Community College in Columbia, Maryland expanded the campus with a new Allied Health Sciences Building. The project consisted of approximately 110,000 SF of new construction. The Allied Health Sciences Building consisted of a basement level and three floors of health education simulation suites, classroom, lecture hall and administration space.


The classroom and support areas on the first through third floors are served by packaged air handling units located in the basement mechanical room and on the roof. The administration areas are served by an air handling unit on the roof and the first floor lobby and lecture hall are served by an air handling unit in the basement mechanical room. The building has a dedicated chiller and boiler plant that serves the building and provides a level of chilled water redundancy for the existing Student Services and Visual Performing Arts buildings, as well as the Science and Technology building, which is in the middle of design, via underground piping. New domestic water, sanitary, storm and gas services were provided to the building. The chiller, boilers, emergency and normal power electrical equipment are located in the basement.


The addition, the Allied Health Sciences Building required replacing the existing medium voltage switchgear and upgrading the existing utility electrical service to the entire campus. The substation is located in the basement main electrical room of the Health Science Building and serves several 480Y/277V distribution panels for lighting and mechanical equipment. In addition, several 208Y/120V panels serve receptacles, fire alarm and miscellaneous equipment. An exterior, pad-mounted emergency generator provides power to egress lighting, one elevator, fire alarm and miscellaneous IT equipment in case of a normal power failure.


This project has been designated as a LEED Silver project and is on track for LEED Gold. LEED items include ground source heat pumps, solar domestic hot water, and energy recovery units.

Source: http://www.leachwallace.com/allied-health-science-building-howard-community-college